Raindrops Are Falling On Our Heads

Sunday, October 21, 2018

  Normally October is our month for medical pokes, prods, etc.  And this year is no exception.  As we get older we have more stops on our annual ‘checkup’ schedule.    And next spring we will also do checks with a couple of the physicians to make sure we are ready to go for the summer.   No one tells you that growing old isn’t for the feint of heart - you’ve got to be determined to enjoy retirement.

We have had the WETTEST October in history in the Phoenix area - all due to hurricanes that have formed in the eastern Pacific and sent rain up the Gulf of California and into Arizona before heading east towards Texas.  

This was our windshield when we came out of Starbucks the next morning after the first one (Rosa) poured down on us.



Here’s the rain over flowing the gutters during the second one.


Even the ‘curling court’ was covered with rain the morning after the 3 inch rain.   Yes, we have a curling court in the park.  They took one of the shuffleboard courts and converted it to curling.  The ‘stones’ are made of teflon and slide over the waxed lanes.   Yes, there are a lot of Canadian snowbirds who spend the winter in our park.

We have more photos of the flooding caused by the Desert Rain.