San Francisco Area, September 2018

Monday, October 15, 2018

We now have traversed the Golden Gate Bridge going both directions.  Going south you do get charged for going across the bridge.   For the motorhome and car hooked together it was $32 to cross.  Would have been less to separate them, but we both didn’t want to be driving while going through that traffic.  

We had a new destination this year while in the San Francisco area - Pacifica, California.  No we weren’t going to a new winery area, but to a location just south of San Francisco that is right on the Pacific Ocean.  The San Francisco RV Resort is there, where people pay in excess of $80/night to stay.   We stayed for $20/night because it is part of the Encore system (they own Thousand Trails) so we could afford to stay closer to  friends we were going to visit.   It really is a big parking lot with maybe 10 islands of grass and tree (we were next to one of them), but it is quite near San Francisco and is definitely worth being able to go into the city without having to take a car.  


The RV park will one day be closed as the erosion on the cliff steadily creeps in.  Already they have lost the “prime” sites which use to be at the edge of the cliff and give people stunning views of the ocean.

We have several additional pictures of the erosion and the breakers at Rockaway Beach, as well as going over the Golden Gate Bridge in  “Pacifica, CA Photos”.  


We did a day trip south on Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) to Half Moon Bay.   Why?  Because we have a beautiful painting entitled “Full Moon Over Half Moon Bay” and we wanted to see the inspiration for the painting.  Plus is was only 30 minutes or so south, so it made for an ideal outing.  We visited the State Park area and were able to easily walk right up to the incoming waves.  Really a pretty area and the state park was nicely laid out and is something we will consider the next time we are in the area (assuming we are before Memorial Day or after Labor Day).     We have some more pictures at “Half Moon Bay Photos"


After our week in the San Francisco area we headed down to Paso Robles for a few days before turning east for our run across the desert.  Eberly Winery was one of our visits and they not only had an unusual statue out front of the tasting room, but had found an interesting way of recycling wine bottles.   They use them to make Wind Chimes!

We only visited four wineries in the area, but we know we will want to explore more of them in the future.   So at the end of September, we turned the coach west and headed into the desert and the HEAT!