December Concert

Sunday, December 23, 2018

We had a wonderful concert experience this Holiday Season at the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum).  The first was the David Benoit concert (see previous blog post) and then on the 18th of December, the Peter White Christmas Tour with Rich Braun and Euge Groove.  

The concert started with Rich Braun coming out playing “Drummer Boy” on the trumpet, follwed by Peter White on Guitar joining in and then Euge Groove on the Sax enter the stage.  We have a long video clip (the artists were generous and allowed people to do video/audio of anything they wanted for the ENTIRE concert) under our 2018 Videos:  Peter White Christmas Tour



Euge Groove and Peter White (Rich Braun back is turned.

Rich Braun, in front, and Euge Groove.


This has been an unusual month so far - including mornings of HEAVY fog - - I though for a minute I had walked out in the Pacific Northwest!   

After our wonderful concert we look forward to a quiet, WARM, Christmas.  We hope everyone has a great holiday season and a wonderful New Year!