End of March 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

End of March means that the “Valley of the Sun” begins to warm up and people start thinking about heading out for their summer adventures.   It also means getting together for good food and wine with great friends.   Our friend Toni took this photo of Dave, Dave (Toni’s hubby), Dan, Tina and me last week as we enjoyed a great get together at their winter site in Apache Junction.

Spring also means concerts and we got to enjoy a really great one at the Mesa Arts Center this week.   On the way to the theater, we pulled up next to a car with a very UNUSUAL back window decal.  Lots of patience to get those ‘tail dots’ in place on the wiper blade.

This is the view from our seat up in the balcony - it is a LOOONG way down.

And the reason for our being there was to hear Chick Corea and the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra playing several of Corea’s more famous jazz works from the past 50 years.   Chick Corea is a very gifted Jazz Pianist and his works have held up well over the years.  The frosting on the cake was having the Orchestra accompanying him.   We have seen them before with Wynton Marsalis leading them - one of the world’s great performance jazz orchestras and not to be missed if they come to your area.  Here are two clips you might enjoy:

Song: Crystal Silence

Song: Window

A couple of items that we found interesting the past couple of weeks include:

Obvious answer is YES!   This was from the David Caffaro Winery (Sonoma Valley outside Healdsburg) - where they make delicious Barbera wine that I have enjoyed this winter.

These two sort of go together - a new type of pitcher - one who is ambidextrous and not amphibious!

And try outs for the so-called amphibious pitchers.   Maybe the Texas Rangers need to take a look at additional prospects like this lefty!