Where did the time go?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

OK, where did the time go?  One minute it is the first of May and we are in Oregon, now it is almost July and we are up in the Birch Bay area for the until the end of July.  It isn’t that we haven’t done things - it is just that I’m always going to ‘get to it’ and then get distracted with something else.   

When we left off we said we would be doing some wine tasting - yes we did.  In fact we got to take a peak at the bottling process at one of our favorite small vineyards, Misty Oaks.  It is all hands on deck as they fill, cap, label, and box the wines.    We do enjoy going there every year and always make sure we have some of their wines for the winter.  

After we left Oregon we headed for the Centralia area to visit with Dave’s brother Bob and stay at a NEW stopping place for us - - his new backyard.   Turns out the place he purchased had a water/electric set up for a rig in the back yard so we spent a couple of weeks with him and his dog TOO.  

Here are Bob and Dave beside the fire pit in near the coach.

Since Bob had to work every morning, TOO decided that she would come and spend time with us in the coach.   Actually the first day she spent looking for the cat food - she remembered when we had Shadow and how there was always dry cat food out in a dish.  TOO spend several days looking for it before deciding that treat no longer existed.   But she also decided that it was a pleasant way to spend time and she even got to eat some cream cheese with garlic and herbs.

This is the explanation of the Glass Museum in downtown Tacoma.  We visited it and the Tacoma Museum of Art.  The cone shape actually houses the flues from the glass blowing furnaces.   We really enjoyed the museums - both had interesting displays of Chihuly Glass.

More pictures of our May adventures are here.   

Chihuly Glass pictures are here.