Someone came to visit her Grandmother!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Megan flew out to see her grandmother during her summer break and help Grandma celebrate her 96th Birthday a little early.

Here’s a photo of our family, minus our Son-in-Law Kenneth who was back in Texas teaching his summer class.

After 3 days with Aunt Margi and her grandmother, we went and captured Megan and took her up to the Birch Bay Area with us for a couple of days before taking her back to  the airport.   On the first day, we had to move from one park to another and having done it with us before, Megan pitched right in.   We also went swimming in the adult pool at the park.   We both appreciated that there was a pool just for adults - allowed us to actually SWIM, not just dodge hurtling children flying through the air.

On Monday, it was slightly cloudy but I was hopeful that the sun would burn the marine layer off as we set out for Artist Point at the Mt. Baker Ski area.  It has been a long time since Megan saw much snow and we did get to see a lot of it this day.

We took a few pictures and you can view them here.   Unfortunately Megan had only a couple of days to spend with us and then it was back on the plane to Fort Worth and she will spend the rest of the summer getting ready for her new job - she will be teaching in the Birdwell Independent School District, which is only a few miles away from their home and thus her horrendous commute into Dallas each day is over!

We will have some more pictures of our “sailing adventure” up in a few days.