August 2018

Thursday, September 20, 2018

For the first couple of weeks we spent time with Dave’s brother Bob and his new ‘significant other’ Susan.   We really enjoyed getting to know her.   We also got to see Bob’s daughter Amanda and her daughter and niece during a ride on a vintage train in Chehalis.   


For Dave & Bob’s birthdays (August 11th and 13th) the brothers decided we would spend the day in between driving out to Westport and then doing some wine tasting at Westport Winery and having dinner in their restaurant.   This was also a way to introduce Susan to wine tasting.  


One of the new art works in the gardens was a Medicine Wheel done with colored rocks on the pathway.

And of course, you must have an explanation of what you are looking at.   For July 23 - August 22nd (which includes both Dave and Bob) their characteristics included Raspberry as their plant, Sturgeon, as their animal spirit, Garnet as their mineral and their qualities include Determined, Consistent, Sexual, Strong, and Generous.   Actually does described them both pretty much to a T!   Dave especially agreed with Raspberry as his plant - he loves them above all other fruit.