Gift With Special Meaning!

Sunday, March 3, 2019 1:08 AM

So what do Geeky friends get you for a gift - A GEEKY QUILT

Last November our friends, Bill and Diane, asked us to feed their cat/check on her for 3 weeks while they journeyed to Taiwan.  Of course we said yes, and after a few days we just moved her over to our place and got our kitty fix for the year.  Now Diane is a quilter, so she said she had seen some Chemistry fabric and would we like a Chemistry-Themed quilt - and of course we said YES.   We had NO idea what was in store of us:

This was the front side, with cats  and here is the back with the Periodic Table:

Talk about appropriate!

And here are some close ups of the various elements of the Quilt.


Notice the trim around the the Cats  and here’s the Period Table on the back


And math/engineering/science of all type symbols around the border.

Plus here’s the soft-side carry bag to go with the Quilt.

Do we have nice friends who understand geeky old chemists or not!!!