On The Road Again

Monday, April 15, 2019 3:26 AM

It is SPRING and that can only mean one thing, storms and time to get the rig out of storage and hit the road!

We had a windstorm come through as we were in the process of moving into the coach - 40 mph winds were clocked in the Phoenix area and we had 30+ winds in Mesa.  This came after two days of 95+ temperature.   

As the wind was starting to die down the sun was setting and I was able to capture how the clouds were lit up by the setting sun.

Here’s another view, with slightly different colors showing up.  Now sure why, but it is interesting to see  the reflections off the clouds.

It took us all week to move things into the motorhome and then clean up the house and get it set for the summer.   We have someone who does monthly checks and lets us know if there is a problem.  While a lot of people leave their AC on for the summer, we turn everything off (the park model is old and we aren’t worried about new flooring, etc),  turn off the water, put light blocking curtains in the windows, close all of the blinds, and lock it up and away we go.

And this year, we have a new car following behind us.  We’ve also put the above picture as part of the page headers for this blog as that is what we now look like traveling.    Now if I can just remember all of the steps in the correct order to get things ready in the morning, we will be good to go.   We didn’t travel far our first day, so or getting our ‘sea legs’ underneath us again.

So it is off on the open road for the summer.  Check in once in a while to find out where we’ve been and any new things we’ve added to our collection of places to be seen when in that area.