Northwest Washington 2019

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 8:40 PM

So you are probably asking, what happened to Barb and Dave the past two months.  Sorry it has been such a weird time for us that I have neglected getting something put together.

We arrived in Washington State and set up the RV in Monroe so that I could stay with Mom for a week while my sister Margaret had a holiday.   We’ve been doing this since 2013.   Unfortunately this year turned into something we had not expected.   Mom’s health has deteriorate quickly, my sister Margaret only got one day away before having to turn back,  and while she will make her 97th birthday this week, she is now under hospice care to make sure she is comfortable in her passing.  Needless to say, we are kind of taking it day by day, making frequent day trips back to my sister’s place to give her some relief and everything else sort of gets lost along the way.  Because of the lack of RV Parks around Seattle, it is impossible to change reservations, so we have continued on as planned spending 4th of July (actually 5 weeks) in the Birch Bay/Blaine/Ferndale area and are now in Fall City.   All of these are 60-90 minutes from my sister’s place in Mill Creek.

We have done some things, including riding on an old, old ferry boat, The Plover,  from Blaine over to the Semiahmoo Spit across the mouth of Drayton Harbor.  Each trip is limited to 20 people and it is about 30 minutes each way.

This is the wheelhouse of The Plover and the landing over at the Spit.   Not a lot to do when you get there - so we wandered around little, had something to eat at the gift shop and then took it back to the marina in Blaine.  Made a nice afternoon excursion.

While we were in Blaine (and again in Ferndale) we made sure to make several stops at EdAleen Dairy for their ice cream cones.    I had a Carmel Cashew and Dave had an Almond/Vanilla combo - these are Single Scoop Cones!

Our mail finally caught up with us and Dave got his birthday card from Megan:

 Our daughter has a wicked sense of humor.  

We are going down to Centralia for about three weeks to visit with Dave’s brother Bob before we start our trek south for the winter.  There will be a few day trips up to Mill Creek during that time.  Otherwise, it is just a wait and see for now.

Dave had the pleasure to once again function as a reviewer for the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship program.  He reviewed about 40 Career and Technical Scholarship Essays from non-traditional students who have been accepted into academic programs and were now being evaluated for scholarship funding.  He really believes in the program and wants all students, particularly those are really in need and deserving of financial support in order to attend college.