Back in Mesa.

Saturday, September 21, 2019 7:35 PM


That’s how we describe getting back to Mesa.  Of course, it is the end of September, so we were expecting to have 100 degree days, but the first couple of nights were uncomfortably warm - had to run the Air Conditioning all night long.  However, last night the evening temperatures dropped quickly and we didn’t need A/C nor fans going all night - just opened the windows and let the breeze come through.

So we have spent 3 days getting moved from the coach into the Park Model and also dealing with a dripping on the water spigot to the house.  We were able to get a new washer on the bottom, but the spigot is so old, that that only partially fixed the problem.   But the drip is now very small, and we have a bucket underneath which I empty into the area where my shamrocks will soon appear until we can get a replacement that will fit - - which isn’t easy to find.   

I still haven’t figured out how people can move from their coachs into their Park Models after 6 months or so of travel in one afternoon.  Of course, I don’t have duplicates of everything in both places.   And every year we have more stuff with us when we get back than when we left.  

In addition to moving during the past 3 days, we have also had a visit with the dermatologist for Dave to have growth biopsied.  It sort of looks like it is another squamous cell growth which will need MOHS surgery, but hopefully it isn’t real deep and we know the drill on these procedures now.  

I also got my new notebook in to the Apple Genius Bar.   They fixed the color problem quickly (new display and what they ASSUMED everyone would like turns out people don’t.   So the “default” was done away with and that looks good.   The problem with the way Photos was handling edits to pictures couldn’t be cured, so they just wiped the hard drive and reinstalled the operating system and now all is good.  I spent last evening getting those things I wants from the old computer moved over.

Now that we are back, I can take the new quilt that my sister made for us and spread it out over our bed - it is absolutely gorgeous.  Of course, it is too warm right now to use, but it certainly looks wonderful when I have the bed all made up.   My sister said that is the last time she agrees to make a queen size quilt.

The coach is finally in it’s storage space - I was amazed how easily we parked it today, it went right into it’s slot even though it is a tiny one.  Dave gives very good directions to me.   So now we only have to get all of the things we moved over from the coach into it’s proper place for the winter and  we need to get the car washed.  Towing a car behind a motorhome tends to a little dirt kicked back - especially when one of the parks we stayed at had just finished putting new asphalt down and we were the first to drive on it.  The result is a white car that now is covered with black little specks!