Heading to Lodi Wineries.

Saturday, September 21, 2019 11:58 AM

So the trip south started on a good note - Mt. Shasta peeking through the clouds with some snow around the top and NO SMOKE in the air.   After the past few years, that was really a delight.   We took 3 days to get from Sutherlin, Oregon to Lodi, California making sure that we were stopped shortly after 1:00 pm each day - it was getting warmer with each day as we came down.

We stayed at Flag City RV Resort on the west side of Lodi for 3 nights, which gave us two days to do visits to the wineries.  And since it was 100 degrees in Lodi, have 50 amp service with partial shade in the afternoon was welcome.   The resort is on the pricey side, but well worth it for us.

The first morning we stopped at Michael David Winery - for breakfast!  They have a cafe/bakery on one side of their tasting room - - so we ate and since we sleep late in the morning, by the time we finished eating the tasting room was open.   We sampled several types and purchased a couple of bottles, as well as getting recommendations for where to fine Barbera wine.   Unfortunately a couple of the wineries we visited were out of Barbera, but those wineries are now on our list for stopping next spring.

This restored (beautifully) 1957 Chevrolet was in the court yard of the Oak Farm Vineyard .  They were one of the wineries that was out of Barbera, but we did pick up a couple of other great wines.They have outside wine tasting patios on either side of their main tasing room.


Who wouldn’t enjoy a wine bicycle?  This was outside of the tasting room at Viaggio Winery where we found a very good Barbera and got a glass of Zin to take with us as we toured the grounds! 

The other two wineries we visited were Macchia and St. Amat Winery.   To more pictures from the wineries, click on the 2019 Photos link at the top of the page.   Next Stop - MESA!