Fall Has Arrived

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 1:08 PM

So Fall has arrived, notice the change in masks.   I am now starting on masks for Thanksgiving and Christmas!   My sister sent me a box of Christmas fabric - left overs from her quilting.   And I’ll be making some smaller ones as Megan has had a couple of students who don’t have a change of mask during the week so she has given them an extra one to wear.   Lots of families are barely making it.  

We have begun to now sleep WITHOUT the AIR CONDITIONING on since last week.  The night time temperatures dropped down into the 70s and we can sleep well with just an open window and ceiling fan on.   In fact, by morning the fan is off and the window is closed as it keeps getting cooler.   By this weekend temperatures are projected to be UNDER 100°.

My hair has gotten so long I bought a set of hot rollers to try and give it a little body and shape once in a while.  Trouble is, without heavy hairspray (which I no longer have) it only stays that way until I start doing something outside - it then ‘melts’ away quite quickly!     Maybe one of these days I will feel safe enough to go get my hair cut again!   

September has been a ‘tread in place’  kind of month.   We pretty much just do routine things.  A highlight was taking the car over to get the oil changed - -I had started getting notice from the car that it was past time to change it.   

The Fall/Winter RVers have started arriving in the park this week.  We have enjoyed the last several months without all the people, but it is nice to welcome them back.  Hopefully the COVID-19 problem will be over in the coming months so everyone can get together and enjoy all the amenities that the park offers.


Dave was able to get a shot of the Moon and Mars the other night - - it will be over 200 years before they are ever this close together again.  

I told you our life was pretty dull right now!

Lastly, Dave thanks all of you for the well wishes you sent him over the Spring and Summer months.  He is slowly getting back to his old self!  

We hope that everyone is staying safe.   

We trust everyone is voting this fall!