The HEAT is ON

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 11:34 PM


Well Dave is now walking about 1/2 mile each day;  he was doing it during the day but the HEAT has arrived in the Phoenix area, so now we walk after dark.  The only ‘out of the house’ things Dave has done is going to his the Cardiologist.  They are still tweaking his meds, trying to find that combination that keeps blood pressure low but does result in his resting pulse rate of 40 beats a minute - which equals his being tired all of the time.   

Our street is thinning about, only about 5 people left on our street, and the other streets are the same.   We have decided to just ride out the summer here.  Maybe we will try to get up into the mountains for a few weeks if they open the RV parks, but otherwise, we will just stay hunkered down here.

Luckily, we are use to it just being the two of us.


This was taken on one of our evening walks as the sun was setting. Once the sun goes down, it cools quickly and we have been sleeping with the windows open.  We do know that this will not last as we get into June-August, but for right now it is ok.   And  during the day, our patio is covered and is comfortable most of the time, especially if one isn’t doing anything more strenous than shouting on Twitter.

I was finally able to find Flour again, so I can do a little more experimenting - like making kidney-friendly apple-cinnamon muffins using the sodium and potassium free baking powder products.   Though with the heat, it means getting up early to do the baking, but I am enjoying it.   I also do laundry early in the morning or late at night .

Since summer is here, I need to make a couple of light colored masks this weekend.    Also have a lot of ‘scraps’ of yarn and have been doing 12’” blocks, time to start putting them together for an afghan.

Hope everyone is staying safe and finding the things that they need.