The Heat Goes On

Saturday, August 1, 2020 12:12 PM

What can I say - the ever oppresive heat goes on and on and on and on.   July 30th and 31st set record temperatures for the area.  It was 117° on Thursday and 116° on Friday.  Today is only going to be around 112° - real cool front!


So my project has been making more masks for Megan since they will be doing on-site teaching by the end of September, as it now stands.  I ordered some “Back to School” material and made masks for Megan and her aide for this fall.   I’ve also experimented with using old pillowcases (hold them up to the light to make sure they aren’t thread bare) - I have several of them, somehow the sheets wear out but pillowcases don’t!   Have used a couple for linings on masks and they work very well.     Luckily Kenneth will be doing teaching from home this fall, but not Megan.   

This is another view of the masks streatched out.  I love the preformed elastic pieces with adjustments on them.

So we aren’t doing anything besides running to get groceries and carryout a couple times a week.  We now have a 4 week reprieve from physician visits - Dave needs lab work done the last week in August.   We had thought about trying to go up into the mountains for 3 weeks or so, but it is even hot in the mountains and I don’t want to try getting the coach set up in this heat.   So we will just ride it out.

The only local excitement was they were out trimming the palm trees this morning - all over the park.  They started at 6:00 am.   In another part of the park there is construction on the addition to the office entertainment complex and they are pouring concrete at 3:00 am!   When your low is 91° there isn’t much option for pouring concrete.   


Here’s our street.  All the old frons have been chopped off - the one you can see with yellow frons is in the adjacent park.    

This is our front yard right now.  They moved the piles so we can back the car out, and will pick up early Monday morning.

Yes, that is our entertainment for the month.  I hope everyone is staying safe and that next year will be better for all of us.