Good Things are coming!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 11:26 AM

Yes, hope is on the way.  On the 29th of January we each got our first shot of the Pfizer vaccine!   Took an ardous 2-hrs at 6:00 am on the computer but we got a time slot for both of us.    Had to wait a couple of weeks, but we are getting very good at staying home, doing very little (as my backside is now showing), but the actual process was quick and flawless.  We had to drive 10 minutes from Mesa, down to the south side of Chandler to the Chandler-GIlbert Community College campus.  Since the college is online this semester, its big parking lot set up to accomodate a LOT of people.  Pulled in at 11:20 am for our 11:42 appointment.  We pulled out of the site at 11:55!  Longest wait was the 20 minutes in the line after our shot.  Maricopa County Health Department and Dignity Health Systems were combined with the college plus Police, Fire, and EMT/Ambulance services from the area to help.  

They had 5 tents set up with two lines of cars into each tent.  The health care staff had separate people filling syringes, taking information, giving shots, doing after shot checks, etc.   The slowest part of the injection process was getting the band-aids on the arm because they stick to the gloves.   I was really, really, really impressed.

Of course, I’m still making masks as we will all still be wearing them probably through the summer.  These are my January and February ones.  Next up will be St. Patrick’s and Easter, plus Megan has requested some with EAGLES on them since that is her school's mascot.    

And we are looking forward to heading out the middle of April as it gets warm in this area.  We have end of the winter physician checkups all scheduled before heading out and Dave continues to improve and it is getting warmer so we can get out and walk more.   

It will be so good to be able to visit with people again this summer - even if we do need to still wear masks.  

Hope everyone is able to get their vaccinations scheduled.  Even with just one dose in, and while still taking all the same precautions, I just feel more comfortable about the coming year.   And yes, we did have sore arms and were a little tired but otherwise no problems.