Saturday, March 13, 2021 2:14 PM


So far my forays out into real life have been going INTO a grocery store to get groceries, not just doing curbside pick up of an order, and having friends (who have also been isolating and are getting their shots) come over to grill, sit outside and enjoy the evening, talking, drinking, and re-adjusting to semi-normal life. 

 HAIRCUT after 1 whole year - oh does it feel good to be starting back towards normal.   The before is below, long and stringy, had not been that long in decades and I don’t want that again.

Completed one last round of masks - for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and the Eagles are for Megan.  It is her school mascot and I got something different than what the kids normally see for Eagles.   

So we can go forth with a year’s worth of masks - though we also have 3 boxes of surgical masks to take with us as we travel this summer.   

YES, we are going to hit the road again - sometime in the middle of April.   Dave’s last rounds of physician appointments for the summer are the first week in April so we will firm up the departure day after all of those are complete, just in case they want some other test done before we leave.   But we are getting out of here and are going to head north for the summer.


Our friends who came over know us quite well and Diane is a quilter.  This winter she got a new fancy Embroider Machine and has been making tee-towels.   Said she knew this one was PERFECT for me.

Maybe we will try going out to breakfast next week (when it gets just a little warmer, cold front with RAIN came through this week) at a place near us with a patio.  We are not ready to sit inside yet, but I think maybe a patio setting will work for us.    And there is a Starbucks close to us with outside seating so we might try that.  Plus I have a list started for Costco in the next couple of weeks as we start getting ready for travel again.   

Finally, we hope everyone has been able to at least schedule their vaccinations, if not get them, and that this will be a better summer for all of us than last year!