September 2021

Monday, October 25, 2021 3:20 PM

Our last month on the road was September.   The first part of the month was in Sonoma Valley (last post) and the last part was spent in the San Francisco area.   One of Dave’s former students lives there and we try to stop each year to see the family (Mike, Tina, Tina’s mom Lola, Margo and Dean) and always have a great time.   We have become sort of great aunt and great uncle to Margo (age 6) and Dean (age 3) who enjoy seeing what presents we have brought them.   This year Dave was in charge of presents, which resulted in a large ABC electronic wall hanging that talks to Dean as he pushes letters, etc. and a Karaoke Microphone for Margo - which she loves singing into at all hours of the day.    Not sure we will be welcome back next year!

We stayed at the San Francisco RV Resort in Pacific, just south of San Francisco.   We had planned to do a number of things, but for most of the 10 days there the FOG was DENSE!   And really, cool, clammy fog isn’t great for sight seeing.   We had a couple days of sun, including the day we visited with our friends, but otherwise it was foggy all the time.    When the sun was out, this was our view of the Pacific Ocean from the front of our motorhome.   And you can see that fog bank sitting offshore.

This was the beach at Rockaway, California, south of where we stayed, in the fog.  There are actually surfers out there, but can’t really see them.   We had breakfast at the Breakers in Rockaway and walked down to the beach afterward. 

One day before we left I looked out and saw people floating past us above the beach.   The people were jumping off the top of tall building down the beach and riding the updrafts that the  25+ mph wind was generating when it hit the cliff!   We watched them floating by a couple of afternoons that week


After 10 days in the fog, we headed for Mesa, taking 5 days to get here.   Then the fun began of moving all of the wine we had purchased over the summer into the coach.  Took us 1 and 1/2 days to get everything moved into the Park Model -  clothes, food, medications, etc., plus all the wine.    We even had to get a couple of new wine racks to hold it all.   

We have several other pictures of that week located in the 2021 Photos under September 2021

Since returning we’ve gotten our  Pfizer Booster along with our Flu shots, and are doing physicians visit every day.   Life is back to our normal Fall routine and we are looking forward to our friends arriving the coming weeks.