Spokane Valley

Sunday, June 6, 2021 1:07 PM

We spent the days leading up to Memorial Day at Dave’s brother Bob’s new place.   Bob and Susan moved to Spokane Valley (yes, it is a separate town from Spokane) about 18 months ago purchasing a new house.  Bob retired and has spent his time putting in landscaping and building a shop to work on restoring a 1957 Chevrolet Truck.  It is quite impressive.   This is our rig backed up to his shop with their back yard next to it.  All of this is a work in progress.  Bob even put in a 30 amp plug which you can barely see on the lower corner of the white wall of the shop, so we had water and power for our stay.

We also had a friend who spent a lot of his time in the back yard with us.  Luke is a large German Shepard and very friendly and well mannered to be around.  He ventured up the steps into the motorhome, took a look and decided it was to small for him and out he went.

We decided to see what the local wineries in the area were like and so picked out three wineries to visit.  The first was Latah Creek Winery which is located in Spokane Valley.  It was a great choice and we really enjoyed sampling their wines and purchased a couple of bottles.  We have several pictures of the the winery, where part of the working winery are backdrops for tastings, located here.

Another day we drove downtown Spokane to visit the Maryhill Tasting room and Bistro located on the Spokane River.  Unfortunately the day we were there was cold and windy so no sitting outside and watching the river go by.  Susan had really liked the bottle of Maryhill Rose' that we brought for her, so wanted to get more.   While the white and rose' were the same as what we tasted at the winery on the Columbia River, the reds were different and didn’t seem to match the quality of what we had sampled at the winery.

The third winery was located just a few minutes from the house and is Liberty Lake Winery. It was fairly new and the wines were adequate, but not standouts.   

We also did some meals out with Bob (especially breakfast) and are still a little apprehensive about eating inside, but slowly getting used to the idea.

The weird weather continued to haunt us - instead of warm temperatures that one would expect the end of May, we ended up with cold, rainy, windy weather!   But the company more than made up for the weather and we look forward to hosting them in Mesa sometime in the winter.