Westport Winery

Thursday, July 29, 2021 8:47 PM

We decided to visit Westport Winery today.  As we reflected on we last visited we were surprised to recall that it was in 2018!  Since it was a Thursday we anticipated that the winery would not be crazy busy.  Thus we were surprised to discover the parking lot was full of cars.  Obviously lots of folks have discovered this jewel.  


Both of us were pleased to find that the facility and grounds have been much improved over the last few years.  While the wine tasting room was unchanged, new facilities have been added - see their webpage: westportwinery.com - the restaurant has been expanded, for example, with extra seating indoors as well as outside.  We both liked the saying on the wall:  


As there were many folks tasting wines we decided to initially have something to eat. Barb had their Dungeness Crab Louie and Dave had the Dungeness Crab, Mac and Cheese.  There were just as delicious as the last time we visited.    


After the meal we decided to have the raspberry cream pie.    The owner came by and told us the story of how that particular dessert came to be.  It is a long story so we will just say that the origin of the pie is fascinating.  Of course Dave loved the pie; after all it was made of raspberries!

We were then on to wine tasting.  Since we had already previously purchased some of their wines, we opted for a few new ones to check out.  True Blue Malbec, Bella Sangiovese and Courage Sagrantino.  In the end we purchased a bottle each of those three plus three bottles of their other wines that we already liked.  


A Washington State labeled cheese cutting board rounded out our purchases.  

All in all we had a wonderful time at the Westport Winery.