New wine area in California!

Saturday, September 11, 2021 5:00 PM

We found a new wine area in California this year.  It is the area around Chico, California, the two specific towns we went to being Vina and Durham.   When we started down we decided to spend a couple of days at the Rolling Hills Casino RV Park in Corning, CA becaue we hear about an olive oil store (Olive Pit) and how much less expensive it was than our favorite in Arizona (Olive Mill in Queen Creek.).  Well the store was a bust, didn’t have a very big selection, etc.  but Dave had also looked for wineries and that turned out to be a really great find.   

The first day we were going to go our we had to wait for a mobile RV tech to come out because our front AC wasn’t working and it was 106.  He finally made it and turned out the problem was no power on the leg feeding the front AC (and the bedside lights) - so we paid to have the park’s pedestal connection tightened so we had power!  Grrrrr is putting it mildly!   But we had AC and in short order a very cool motorhome.    



The next day we were able to do some wine tasteing.  The first one was in Vina, California.   A little out of the way, it is a winery at an Abbey, Our Lady of New Clairvaux, and New Clairvaux Winery.  Turns out the head monk and the wine maker go over the wines they produce each year!   

After enjoying some very nice wines (and buying a few) we also toured the outside area of the Abbey and you can see them here.


Our second winery was a stop outside of Durham, CA at Nascerene Winery.  Small winery that makes very, very, very nice Barbera wines.   And yes, there are some great bottles tucked away for the trip back with us to Mesa for the winter!

   We were going to go to the third winery, but when we got there, the place was full and we really didn’t want to be around that many people.   

Next stop - SONOMA VALLEY and our favorite winery!