Getting Settled In

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 12:19 PM

Most of January was spent just unloading box after box wondering where did all the stuff come from - - the park model was 1/3 of the size of this house, so how did we have so many boxes of things? I’ve decided if you leave items in drawers for a few months, they MULTIPLY.  

Of course we also needed to add a few items of furniture to replace what the previous owner took with her or things I wanted.   And high on my list was a Glider like we had in Tyler, Texas.   

Pictures of the other items we have added are at:

New Items for House

The accessory cart, the patio table and the TV center in the Living Room all were “Some assembly required”.   Would have been a lot easier if we had a 12 year old to interpret the drawings and instructions!  Tiny, tiny font size, plus the use of Allen Wrenches which Dave hates.   Add to the arthritic fingers and bad backs and knees - well just say a lot of expletives were used by both of us.

We also have pictures of the interior of the new house when we first looked at it.   One of these days I will get new pictures taken as we have changed a few things (like adding several wine stands), moved furniture in guest bedroom, added our own items including the quilt my sister made me which now has a REAL home.  

One of the first couples we met when we started fulltiming were Jeff and Suzanne and they came out in their Class B (small motorhome) January for a few weeks.   We had not seen them since 2014, so it was good to catch up again and, of course, take them to our favorite breakfast places.

We also took them to breakfast with Dave and Toni (who they knew before) and to meet Dan and Tina.  As you can see we were eating outside and the sun was peeking in and out as we ate.

We also spent time in January with Dave being imobile because of a lengthy gout attack in his feet.   We now know that shrimp (like crab) is a no go for him combined with wine.   We ended up having to cancel some appointments, rearrange others appointments so that he could recover.

We were sad to see Jeff and Suzzane leave, but knew my sister was coming the end of February to see us and see a few sites in the area.