April - May

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 4:03 PM

Mother’s Day Flowers from Megan and Kenneth.  And when the flowers that Megan and Kenneth sent had finally expired, this is what was left - a glass center piece with candy.   After eating the candy we have a Margarita glass, or a center piece of holding Christmas Candle.


 I also got an Orchid plant from Dave - now the trick is to keep it alive in the desert.   But I will certianly try!

We spent April and May getting the patio set up.   After we got the table together, we started looking for chairs, seat cushions, etc.   We can now have either 4 or 6 for sit down eating.  And 10 for cocktails!  Of course now every one has left for the summer,  but we will be ready for everyone when they get back.

We will take a couple trips by car this summer, in between medical appointments.    We are probably going to look at selling the motorhome because we have really reached the point in our lives that while the mind might like to try some more, the bodies are telling us that time has marched on by.

In other words we have become a boring ‘mature’ couple who are retired to Arizona where the weather is great for 9 months and the 3 hot months you just get up and out before 9:30 am and then spend the rest of the day inside with AC on until the sun goes down.   Here’s a couple other pictures of the patio and the cook-out area.