Summer in the Desert

Monday, August 8, 2022 8:01 PM

Finally, after 2 1/2 years we got to go see Megan and Kenneth!  

We drove the 1000 miles from Phoenix to Fort Worth area the first part of June after schools were closed and Megan had a chance to catch up on sleep.    We only stayed a few days because Kenneth was still work, and except for going to get take-out or do grocery shopping, they are still pretty isolated.  No going out for breakfast.   The picture is Dave getting Megan hooked on the Apple TV series Ted Lasso - we streamed the series and every afternoon Megan and Dave got comfortable to binge watch some more episodes!

We didn’t stay that long but had a great visit and hope it isn’t  a long time before the next visit.


When we arrived back, we got tickets to the exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens entitled Chihuly In The Desert.    We have been to his studio in Tacoma, Washington,  and it was great to see works that seem fitting for sitting outdoors in a Desert Botanical Garden.  We have several pictures of the exhibit Chihuly In The Desert

We had the front palm trees trimmed as well as the Grapefruit and Orange trees.   We are still getting Grapefruit off the tree, but now we can walk underneath the trees without being poked in the eye.  This will also reduce the number of grapefruit we have to pick next fall.  [Dave says this is not true!!] 


Here are the front trees after their trimming.   We also had some of the evergreen trees that had been planted along the side of the house removed and come fall I’ll put in some flowering shrubs.  

After the latest physician appointment, Dave decided that we should stop for an ice cream cone at Créme and Chocolats.   Since it was a hot day (close to 110°) we got “medium” cones - and didn’t bother with dinner that evening!

Yes, our life is pretty boring.   I have a new cabinet for my sewing machine, and thus I can do some sewing to keep myself busy.    Our new house is comfortable in the heat (knock on wood) and we are tolerating the “HOT” months and hope to see more rain as it is Monsoon Season.